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What can you expect?

Relationship problems

In most relationships, conflict in a couple is likely to be a symptom of deeper problems. Many people are unable to improve communications for fear of further conflict that may lead to a crisis or even a relationship breakdown. Couple therapy gives clients the time and space to explore difficult issues and improve the couple connection. This process requires specialist training. The therapist needs to hold good boundaries and to be able, with the couple’s consent, to control the session so that while strong emotions are welcome, they are not allowed to develop into aggression or violence. My therapy style is warm and non-judgmental but asks for honesty and courage from the couple.

Pre-marital therapy

I look at the nature of the new couple and help them individually to share their thoughts on their future lives together. The issues of communication, resolving conflict, sex, money, in-laws and parenting, are all discussed in a series of sessions designed to lay good foundations for their coming union.

Sexual problems

Psychosexual therapy, known as PST, is treatment by a qualified practitioner that addresses a sexual dysfunction or emotional block within a relationship. I use both my psychodynamic training and PST to explore the individual and family history that may inhibit our sexual development. There are two intergenerational legacies contributing to every couple’s sexual life. If not examined, those combined stories can result in a loss of communication, as well as difficulties with desire and arousal. I work with individuals and couples psychosexually and can assist couples in reconnecting and in the development of a new sexual script.

Sexual addiction and related dysfunctions

As a member of ATSAC and COSRT, I am working with the latest research in areas of pornography and addiction. Research indicates that the extended use of pornography can affect both desire and performance. I combine my expertise with models of treatment from Paula Hall and Glynn Hudson Allez to help clients to understand the root of their addiction, break the cycle and ultimately regain control of their sexual life.

ASC, Asperger’s and ADHD

I draw from the work of Maxine Aston on Asperger’s and Gina Pera, Melissa Orlov and Edward Halliwell on ADHD to resolve conflict, misunderstanding and problems with communication – social and sexual. Working with couples in which one partner suffers from ASC, Asperger’s or ADHD, the therapist needs to understand how the disorder impacts not only the person who has the condition but also the spouse and the couple as an entity. It is vital for the therapist to be up-to-date with the latest research regarding these conditions.

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